Marla Brockmeyer is an honoree at 2020 Wichita Business Journal CFO Awards

Marla Brockmeyer is a 2020 Wichita Business Journal CFO Awards Honoree.

Marla Brockmeyer has been an integral part of CPRF for the last 31 years. She began her career at CPRF as the Controller, but became Executive Vice President and CFO five years ago. A person of integrity, intelligence, and humor, Marla is highly thought of within and outside CPRF, and she shoulders her vast responsibilities with remarkable grace. She is always a great resource for staff and invariably makes a point to be available when needed. In addition to her traditional CFO duties, Marla is responsible for putting together monthly financials; performing audit preparation; writing annual grants to the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; tracking fund raising and investment accounts; and the oversight of the Accounting, IT, and HR Department staff. Additionally, CPRF is involved with 13 United Way agencies throughout the state, which means Marla develops individual agency and program budgets and projections for grant applications throughout the year. To optimize administrative efficiencies, Marla fills many of those same duties and responsibilities as CFO of one of CPRF’s nonprofit support organizations- BTCO, Inc., which is a document imaging and web-based research company with 48 employees that provides competitive employment opportunities to people with and without disabilities. Marla also works with the Director of Finance for another of CPRF’s nonprofit support organizations- Center Industries Corporation (CIC). In this capacity, Marla consults on matters regarding Board of Directors budget packet preparation, audits, investment accounts, lines of credit, and other areas of business that involve significant financing. CIC has a similar mission to BTCO and competitively employs nearly 300 individuals with and without disabilities. In addition to all this, Marla works with the Chairman of CPRF’s Endowment Association to assist with the annual audit and prepare financial summaries for the Board of Directors. Taking into consideration her multifaceted line of duties and her incomparable ability to excel in all areas of her job, it’s clear why we find her so valuable to the organization itself, to our staff, and to those we serve. With her limited spare time, Marla also makes a point to support all of CPRF’s special events, including fundraisers and client appreciation events. Additionally, Marla is a big Shockers fan and enjoys traveling to sunny, warm Florida with her family whenever she can. We are so grateful to have the one and only Marla Brockmeyer on our team.