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2020 Jack Jonas Spirit Award Winner: Tammy Coleman | BTCO, Inc.

December 17, 2020

Tammy Coleman is known for her kindness.

At work luncheons, she can always be seen helping others with their plates, or pulling up a chair to listen when others need it. Each month, she picks out someone in her life to surprise with a $100 gift card —coworkers, neighbors, or friends that could use some support. She knows how to lead with compassion in her work, always making sure staff fully understand the scope of their role in a project. As a result of her work ethic and ability to connect with her coworkers, she was promoted to Lead in BTCO’s Document Imaging department. As Lead, Tammy assists with key daily managerial tasks. Whether it is to listen as a friend or guide someone in their tasks at work, Tammy is seen as someone people can turn to, and is an asset to the BTCO team.

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About the Award

Jack Jonas, CPRF Founder, dedicated his life’s work to serving and advocating for an underrepresented population, creating an organization based around the principle that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, has the right to an education, a career, and independence.

In honor of Jack’s legacy and spirit, CPRF established the Jack Jonas Spirit Award to recognize three employees each year who have shown dedication to the CPRF mission and who truly have a heart for those we serve.

The award winners receive a commemorative plaque and a check for $1,000 each.

All CPRF, CIC, and BTCO employees are eligible for the award.