Success Stories

For more than 50 years, CPRF has forged lasting relationships with the people we serve. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

In Their Own Words


Job Placement: Enrique's Story

Story Told By: Rocky & Enrique

Enrique has been working as a mechanic at Rocky's auto shop, Bills American Muffler, for six months. The two met through CPRF's Youth Transition Program. The program-paid work experiences allow youth with disabilities a chance to explore job interests while employers evaluate candidates, ensuring the right fit for everyone long-term.

Enrique started with no previous work history and now excels at his role. Today you'll find him doing it all — welding pipes, processing invoices, and assisting customers. He was given the chance to realize his potential.

"I brag about him all the time."

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GILA: Ryan’s Story

Story Told By: Ryan

CPRF's Guided Independent Living Assessment (GILA) program is designed to provide young adults with disabilities the chance to give independent living a try in a safe, controlled environment. Ryan gained confidence from his participation in the program, where he learned to live with a roommate, ride the city bus, grocery shop within a budget, and cook.

“Being on your own … is a personal goal. After college, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I chose this program to help me better myself in life. … [It] built my confidence up.”

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Job Placement: Lark’s Story

Story Told By: Lark

Lark was nervous about entering the job market for the first time. She worked with our Youth Transition Program to navigate the experience — from her first resume, to practice interviews, to networking, to landing her job at Mrs. O’Leary’s Mercantile.

“I’ve learned to be a better people person, and I’ve learned how to read people better. I’ve learned how to communicate with others, and how to … use my own voice to advocate for myself. When I'm in the store, I feel like I am the best version of myself.”


Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic: Asher’s Story

Story Told By: Stacey, Asher’s Mom

Asher and his mom, Stacey, have been coming to the Wheelchair Clinic since 2020, when he was evaluated for his first adaptive stroller. Throughout the years, Asher’s seating systems have helped him regain core strength, develop new skills, and encourage his mobility from a young age.

Stacey has also worked with our Equipment Fund on the cost of a van conversion — an expensive but important customization that minimizes transfers, allows for more inclusive family outings, and keeps Asher safely in his wheelchair while riding to his destination.

“The [Wheelchair] Clinic has made it incredibly easy to meet the physical and mobility needs for our son. I don’t think 'we can’t do that' is in their vocabulary. If an item doesn’t exist, they will make it a reality. They truly want to help give people what they need to be mobile.

“[The van conversion] creates independence for the wheelchair user and much-needed assistance for the caregivers. It is very difficult to pick up a non-ambulatory person and place them into a seat in a vehicle. It’s very dangerous for the wheelchair user and physically strenuous on the caregiver. Since we’ve had the lift, I can already see the relief it has given my shoulder and back. And knowing I can safely get him in and out of the van with just one person is a huge help.

“Without a lift or ramp, most families would only get out for absolute necessity, missing out on so much of life. Families without this miss out on the joy that can be shared by being accessible to the world … we can easily say yes to events and invitations that allow our older children to not miss out.

“Having a child with special needs and limited mobility is financially difficult. As they grow, new equipment is needed; as their needs change, new equipment is needed; as they progress and gain new skills, new equipment is needed. We have found that finding the appropriate equipment to help Asher gain new skills has been most beneficial to his progress.”


Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic: Jessica’s Story

Story Told By: Jessica

Jessica has been a client of the CPRF Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic since she was a young child and has used a wheelchair for safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility for decades. Her current powerchair raises and lowers to suit various environments, and the cushions are molded to ensure she remains comfortable and that pressure points are alleviated. To her, this seating system is vital.

“My chair is essential to my life. It’s essential to my well-being. Anywhere I go, I have the best seat in the house, and that is strictly because of what you all do.”


Equipment Fund: Luke’s Story

Story Told By: Heather, Luke’s Mom

As Luke’s vision declined, the magnifying device he used for most of his day strained his eyes. Luke’s mom worked with CPRF’s Equipment Fund to purchase a BrailleSense Polaris tablet, transforming how Luke communicates and learns.

The BrailleSense Polaris tablet combines braille and mainstream Android apps. It allows Luke to send and receive information in braille. His school assignments can be converted into emails his teachers and classmates can read and reply to. Heather is excited for Luke to communicate independently in all areas of his life.

“We have been so grateful for the ease of this process through CPRF. This equipment is something that will allow Luke to communicate more independently in many ways.”


Exercise & Wellness: Taylor’s Story

Story Told By: Taylor and Sue, Taylor’s Grandmother

Taylor is a resident at The Timbers and an Exercise & Wellness Program participant. She advises anyone using the program to “keep trying and don’t give up.”

Taylor’s grandmother has noticed how the program has impacted Taylor’s quality of life.

“She has made such excellent progress with Miriam by focusing on balance, strength and posture by using the machines. She talks most about the recumbent bicycle. Taylor has exceeded our expectations by overcoming some of her cerebral palsy limitations — mainly balance, walking, stair climbing and gaining strength.

“It is important to keep moving. From the time Taylor was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she has never stopped trying to do what other kids were able to do. Not until she moved to The Timbers and started in the Exercise & Wellness Program has she been able to make such great strides in achieving her goals.”