• Case Manager | Full Time

    Responsible for assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or a developmental disability & their support network to identify, select, obtain, and coordinate paid services and natural supports to enhance independence, integration, and productivity. Experience working with HCBS waiver systems preferred. Knowledge of I/DD systems preferred. BA Degree in Social Work, Rehab, Psych, or related areas. Six months of relevant experience equivalent to a semester of BA. Three years experience working with persons with disabilities required. Must have own transportation & good driving record. Submit resume & letter of application to: Director of HR, Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation. 5111 East 21st, Wichita, Kansas 67208 or email to HR@cprf.org. EOE/AA Drug Free Workplace.

    POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for assisting the individual with disabilities and their support network to identify, select, obtain, and coordinate and use both paid services and natural supports to enhance the individual's independence, integration, and productivity as outlined in the individual's Person Centered Support Plan. Performs other duties as directed by Supervisor or Director.


    *Determines on an ongoing basis the individual’s preferred lifestyle, current and potential strengths, resources, and basic needs.

    *Facilitates the development, update, and monitor the Person Centered Support Plans, with the participation of the individual and their support network.

    *Provides support by identifying, securing, and coordinating supports and services outlined in the Person Centered Support Plans and Plans of Care.

    *Maintains regular communication with other providers of serviced as identified on the PCSP.

    *Provides oversight to monitor the individual’s satisfaction and their quality of services.

    *Advocates with the individual and their support network to gain access to needed services, entitlements, and seeks modification of service systems, when necessary to increase accessibility and appropriateness.

    *Participates in transition and portability plans for individuals leaving institutions, transitioning from high school to adult services, or other transitions in that person's life.

    *Maintains necessary documentation for tracking case management, billing, and program evaluation that are in compliance with DCF, CDDO, Medicaid, and other regulatory agency guidelines.

    *Maintains accurate and current documentation as required by the organization and/or is needed for the case records.

    *Completes reports and/or compile information as needed by CPRF, CDDO, and/or DCF.

    *Meets requirements for Targeted Case Management as stated by CDDO and/or DCF.

    *Reports all suspected cases of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation as required by DCF and the agency.

    *Treats persons with disabilities with respect and dignity.

    *Protects the confidentiality of information of which you have knowledge or access to unless released by signed consent for a specific purpose.

    *Participates in training as outlined by director, as required by DCF and CDDO to remain qualified to provide Targeted Case Management services.

    *Submits billable activity in a timely manner.

    *Performs other duties as directed by Supervisor or Director.


    EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Psychology, Rehabilitation, or related areas required. Relevant experience in the field of services to individuals who are developmentally disabled may substitute for any portion of a Bachelor's Degree at a rate of six months of experience for each semester.

    EXPERIENCE: Three years or more experience in field of services to developmentally disabled individuals. Familiarity with the WORK program helpful.

    SKILLS: Good oral and written communication skills; computer literacy – able to process progress and case notes, transfer billings to an electronic billing system. Excellent time management skills. Self directed. Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines.


    TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Normal physical exertion. Requires sitting, standing, bending, and reaching. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate machines such as computers, copier, fax machine, and telephone. Requires normal range of hearing and vision. Must be able to meet clients, referral agencies, and other resources in the community and county.

    TYPICAL MENTAL DEMANDS: Daily mental concentration required; some creativity required as to assessing methods and procedures. Must handle diverse work problems on a daily basis. Personal maturity and sensitivity are important attributes.

    WORKING CONDITIONS: Office environment; also residential environment; Surroundings can be dirty or noisy; 40 - 45 hours per week required for full-time; Travel on a daily basis to meet with clients, support network, and community resources.

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  • Adult Day Services Direct Support Staff | Part Time

    POSITION SUMMARY: To lead and guide fellow employees in assisting adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities with their identified interests and needs which maintain or increase adaptive capabilities, independence, personal health and hygiene, or integration and participation in the community.


    *Familiarize self with persons’ served rights and ensure those rights are maintained at all times through appropriate verbal and physical interactions.

    *Preparing monthly activity planning calendars (including staff in the planning process).

    *Prepare, direct, and implement activities in the Person Centered Support Plan. Plan must be relative to the Adult Day Program, including social and recreational activities, life skills training, community inclusion, environmental awareness/stimulation, work readiness (prevocational) activities, and mobility training.

    *Prepare and coordinate client’s daily assignments.

    *Prepare supply list for items needed in the Life Skills Center including planned activities.

    *Assist persons served with activities of daily living such as toileting, feeding, dressing, whirlpool and hygiene activities using appropriate lifting and transferring techniques when needed.

    *Observe and promote person’s served health and safety status and communicate information to appropriate personnel and/or support persons.

    *Administer medications and perform procedures necessary for persons’ served physical well being under the direction and supervision of the registered nurse.

    *Participate in Person Centered Support Plan (PCSP) meetings, staff meetings, therapy treatment plan review meetings, and other meetings as directed by the coordinator or director.

    *Communicate pertinent information about persons served to members of their support team.

    *Support person’s served behavior and community integration in a manner consistent with the individual’s Person Centered Support Plan and Behavior Support Plan.

    *Accompany and assist persons served during community recreational or prevocational outings.

    *Be the primary contact person for residential staff and families for the Life Skills Center.

    *Represent CPRF with professionalism and advocate for persons served while in the community.

    *Responsible for setting up, inputting and correcting required daily data. Complete daily paperwork and necessary documentation relative to persons’ served participation in Adult Day Services activities, including client meeting minutes.

    *Maintain documentation essential to agency operations (i.e. attendance sheets, time cards, bus records, etc.).

    *Protect customers against abuse, mistreatment, and report as needed.

    *Back up other areas as needed, and perform other duties as directed by the director.


    EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalency

    EXPERIENCE: One or more years experience in personal care and with a variety of physical/developmental disabilities.

    SKILLS: Familiarity with computer; CPR and First Aid certified.

    TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires sitting, standing, bending, and reaching. May frequently lift up to 50 pounds. Must be able to lift and transfer person served using safety precautions. Must be able to use mechanical lifts. Bending and lifting is often required. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate machines such as computers, telephone, and cooking appliances. Requires normal range of hearing and vision. Must be physically able to evacuate person served in the event of an emergency.

    TYPICAL MENTAL DEMANDS: Requires creativity to analyze methods and procedures to compare client program status to PCSP goals. Must handle diverse work problems on a daily basis. Personal maturity and sensitivity is an important attribute. Must be able to lead and organize time well. Must be able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential information.

    WORKING CONDITIONS: Rarely more than 40 hours per week. Multiple activity environment - may be noisy at times.

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