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2017 Jack Jonas Founder Award Winners

December 26, 2017

In honor of CPRF Founder, John F. “Jack” Jonas, three annual awards are given to three outstanding employees of CPRF, BTCO, and Center Industries Corporation whose dedication to our mission ensures that Jack’s legacy of helping people with disabilities continues and thrives. The winners are nominated by their fellow colleagues and celebrated by receiving a plaque and $1000 at their holiday party.

Here are this year’s winners:

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CPRF: Connie Heckman

Connie Heckman works tirelessly in the accounting department and is someone you can go to for just about anything. If she doesn’t have the answer to a question, she will track it down. From office supply needs, to running errands, or help with mailings- Connie can make it happen. She is always willing to help and share her resourcefulness with staff on their varying needs. For many years now, Connie has volunteered her time to assist with behind the scenes work for all of CPRF’s key events throughout the year- River City Roll, Timbers Fest, and Milk and Cookies with Santa. She is unwavering in her responsibilities and reliability and is someone that you can trust will get the job done, no matter the task at hand.

This year Connie went above and beyond to assist the Development department with the 2017 River City Roll benefit. She devoted time to serve on the event committee and execute the vision in mind through planning, overseeing registration and payment, and clean- up of the facility. She also undertook vital administrative needs for the event by learning a new donor database and assisting with creating letters and acknowledgements. Her willingness to jump in to new territory and add to her workload was done with persistence and a positive attitude. Thank you for all that you do for CPRF.

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BTCO: Anna Talbot

Anna Talbot is someone who goes above and beyond in her role. Every year she is eager to volunteer at Timbers Fest and always has a great attitude. She is a friendly face to Timbers residents who come through the hallways and always has a kind word. She frequently takes on extra tasks at work outside of her responsibilities– including checking that the doors are secure when closing the building each day and assisting with billing. Her positivity has an impact on everyone that meets her and BTCO is grateful to have her as a member of our team.

Center Industries Corporation: Cathy Flowers

Cathy Flowers is the perfect nominee for the Jack Jonas Spirit Award- in her acts of kindness and impact she has on the lives of those with disabilities and their families. She is a generous United Way contributor and advocate for Center Industries in the community. She has been a member of the CIC team for over a decade, and often takes disabled coworkers under her wing- helping them with basic necessities, guidance, and ensuring that they feel included. Her heart is so big because it needs to be to carry all of her generosity. She is incredibly humble in her giving to others. Her selfless actions so that others are not without are often behind the scenes or unknown to most- sharing her lunch with a co-worker, or providing coats and winter clothes to others. Cathy is a rare find, and her gracious and charitable spirit serves as a great example to us all.

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About the Award

Jack Jonas, CPRF Founder, dedicated his life’s work to serving and advocating for an underrepresented population, creating an organization based around the principle that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, has the right to an education, a career, and independence.

In honor of Jack’s legacy and spirit, CPRF established the Jack Jonas Spirit Award to recognize three employees each year who have shown dedication to the CPRF mission and who truly have a heart for those we serve.

The award winners receive a commemorative plaque and a check for $1,000 each.

All CPRF, CIC, and BTCO employees are eligible for the award.