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Meet Jessica

April 03, 2019

Jessica is a fiercely independent 35-year-old from Parsons, KS. A naturally creative and outgoing person, Jessica runs her own craft business, selling hand-knit home goods at markets and local events.

Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Jessica has been a client of the CPRF Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic since she was a young child and has used a wheelchair for safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility for decades. To her, this seating system is vital.

“It’s everything. It’s literally everything,” said Jessica. “This chair is essential to my life…my wellbeing. It makes me feel good, not isolated.”


Her hot pink chair is just like Jessica herself: unique and bright. It is tailored to her body to ensure she stays in a safe and secure position, it raises and lowers to suit various environments, and the cushions are molded to ensure she remains comfortable and that pressure points are alleviated.

Jessica relies on her chair in order to do what she loves, whether that’s going to the movies, visiting her favorite downtown café, or even working. “Life isn’t all about ‘have-tos’. [The chair] is freedom…being able to do what I want when I want. It shouldn’t just be about core needs. That’s the whole point of being an adult, and this chair gives that to me.”