Peter John Loux Award

CALL FOR ENTRIES! Nomination deadline: October 28, 2022

The Peter John Loux Award recognizes exceptional Kansans with disabilities.

This annual $1,000 award is presented to a Kansan with a disability who has shown determination toward their employment and educational goals, community activism, personal achievements, and more.

2021 Peter John Loux Award Winner, Jeremy Briggeman. Jeremy is seated in front of a cake that reads in purple frosting "Congratulations Jeremy". He is wearing a button up shirt, blue jeans, and glasses.

Please review Eligibility and Nomination Requirements before following the nomination link below.

All nominees must:

  • Be a current resident of Kansas
  •  Be at least 18 years old
  •  Have a congenital or acquired physical or neurological disability

Nomination Requirements

  • A completed award application
  •  A 1-3 page narrative about the nominee that includes:
    • a description of the nominee,
    • type of disability,
    • extracurricular and community activism,
    • past vocational experiences and future goals, and
    • personal goals achieved.
  •  A current photograph of the nominee to be used by CPRF for promotional material
  •  1 letter of support
Entries without all of the required information listed above will not be considered.
To send a nomination, click here (external link).
If you need a paper form mailed to you, contact Debbie Hersh at (316) 652-1547.

Meet last year’s Peter John Loux Award winner, Jeremy Briggeman.

The Peter John Loux Award is an endowed gift established by the late R.C. “Pete” Loux in memory of his son, Peter John, who was fatally injured in an auto accident. Pete Loux was a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, using his influence as minority leader of the Kansas House of Representatives to help Center Industries Corporation, the nation’s first manufacturing facility to provide competitive employment for people with disabilities, secure its 1975 inaugural contract to produce Kansas license plates (a contract CIC still holds). Mr. Loux also served on the CPRF Board of Directors from 1972-2004.

It is with great honor that CPRF administers this award on behalf of Mr. Loux in memory of Peter John.