• Marla Brockmeyer is an honoree at 2020 Wichita Business Journal CFO Awards

    Posted: 1-24-2020

    Marla Brockmeyer has been an integral part of CPRF for the last 31 years. She began her career at CPRF as the Controller, but became Executive Vice President and CFO five years ago. A person of integrity, intelligence, and humor, Marla is highly thought of within and outside CPRF, and she shoulders her vast responsibilities

  • Don’t Count Yourself Out: Andrew’s Story

    Posted: 1-8-2020

    We love to hear about our clients’ successes. Recently, Linda Oxford, Director of Job Placement, received an update from Andrew, a 27-year-old client who found a career as a CNC machinist. A Perfect Match Andrew came to CPRF’s Job Placement program in August 2018 as a referral from the State of Kansas Vocation Rehabilitation Department.

  • Adam’s Story

    Posted: 8-30-2019

    Employers are often intimidated by the idea of hiring someone with a disability. In reality, though, they could be missing out on their next Employee of the Month. Adam came to CPRF’s End-Dependence Kansas (EDK) program after graduating from CPRF’s School of Adaptive Computer Training (SACT). The EDK program is an initiative focusing on youth

  • CPRF receives $5,000 grant for students with disabilities

    Posted: 6-17-2019

    Wichita, Kan.  – CPRF’s School of Adaptive Computer Training received a $5,000 grant from Westar Energy in support of its Business Fundamentals for Youth program. The Business Fundamentals for Youth (BFY) program is designed as a launching pad for high school students with disabilities to achieve their future educational and vocational goals. Focusing on employment readiness in a highly

  • It’s Never Too Late: Kathy Johnson’s Story

    Posted: 5-30-2019

    Kathy Johnson is defining her path to independence and employment. Kathy became a client of CPRF’s Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Program in 2016 while working part-time at a local thrift store. Though she had a job, it didn’t quite feel like her employment journey was complete. Kathy wanted a career. The problem is

  • Meet Jessica

    Posted: 4-3-2019

    Jessica is a fiercely independent 35-year-old from Parsons, KS. A naturally creative and outgoing person, Jessica runs her own craft business, selling hand-knit home goods at markets and local events. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Jessica has been a client of the CPRF Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic since she was a young child and has

  • News Release: Gov. Kelly signs bill creating job opportunities for Kansans with disabilities

    Posted: 3-21-2019

    WICHITA, Kan. – Gov. Laura Kelly signed a piece of legislation into law Tuesday geared toward creating more job opportunities for people with disabilities through a state tax credit for employers to hire from this historically overlooked group. House Bill 2044 establishes an income tax credit equivalent to 15% of a private sector business’ expenditures

  • MacKenzie’s Job Journey

    Posted: 3-1-2019

    MacKenzie is a 27-year-old Smith Center native who made the solo move to Wichita nearly 3 years ago. She was recruited to The Timbers from a friend who lived in the apartment community, but MacKenzie has been a long-time client at CPRF’s Wheelchair & Posture Seating Clinic. With some convincing from her friend, she decided

  • Meet Our 2018 Peter John Loux Award Winner!

    Posted: 12-22-2018

      About Erlena Benning Born with cerebral palsy, Erlena has used a wheelchair since kindergarten. Throughout the many challenges and losses life has presented her, Erlena’s mantra has been to maintain a positive attitude and in her words: “Just take it one day at a time”. Erlena has been a dedicated employee at The Great

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    Posted: 10-30-2018

    October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, so we’re taking some time to celebrate individuals with disabilities like Stanley who are an integral part of our local workforce. Stanley initially came to CPRF as shy and anxious, but with a few ideas about fields of work he’d be interested in. After trying out a variety