School of Adaptive Computer Training

SACT Business Fundamentals For Youth Spring 2019 Class

The School of Adaptive Computer Training is dedicated to improving marketable job skills for people with disabilities and others affected by the digital divide.

Our Students

The SACT provides computer classes for adults and high school students with disabilities. All classes are available in-person in our Wichita classroom or online for students anywhere in the state of Kansas.


We offer a range of classes for adults beginning with basic computer courses and teaching core skills for employment, with a focus on Microsoft Office applications. Advanced classes for adults include opportunities for students to achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications in Word and Excel. Additionally, students in adult courses can hone their soft skills by learning practical ways to deliver superior customer care through our customer service program. We accept adult students referred by multiple business partners including Department for Children and Families, Prairie Band Potawatomi Social Services, Workforce Alliance, and others.


Our Business Fundamentals for Youth Program offers classes for high school students with disabilities that enable them to pursue their college/vocational goals. Three classes are offered during fall and spring semesters: Workforce Readiness & Customer Service, Microsoft Word MOS Certification, and Excel MOS Certification. Students may be referred to SACT by their school district, special education cooperative, or interlocal. Various programs such as Project Search and Project Life have enrolled students in the Youth program.

The SACT also uses video conferencing technology in order to teach remote students in an integrated, real-time setting alongside the Wichita class.

Virtual learning options are available for students to take classes from school or from home.  Learn more here.

Our Business Fundamentals For Youth Program is supported by community partners like Bank of America. Learn more here.

The Curriculum

SACT offers classes that prepare students to achieve industry-recognized certifications from Microsoft. All classes are led by a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching students with disabilities. Testing is conducted either on site at our Certiport testing facility or online for virtual learning students.

Why Enroll?

There are many benefits to enrolling in the Business Fundamentals for Youth (BFY) Program. In today’s digital world, it’s imperative to hone computer skills for future employment and post-secondary education.  These classes increase the student’s digital literacy by improving practical knowledge in Windows 10, Microsoft Office Word, and Excel. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge by taking Microsoft certification exams in both Word and Excel. Passing the exams results in the achievement of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications in both Word and Excel 2019. The Workforce Readiness and Customer Service class provides students the opportunity to learn customer service skills and preparation for entering the job market. The Business Fundamentals for Youth classes are fully funded, meaning that there is never a charge for students or parents.

There are also many benefits to achieving MOS Certifications from Microsoft. Certifications build confidence and prepare students for future education, training, and careers. MOS certifications are globally recognized credentials in multiple industries as well as academic institutions. Listing Microsoft certifications on a resume is positive in the eyes of employers, and is a criterion for hiring for many jobs. MOS Certifications result in higher job satisfaction as well as higher earnings potential.


All students may attend our fully accessible classroom in Wichita, Kansas or on-line from anywhere in the state.  Our Wichita classroom is fully accessible for people who use wheelchairs or have other assistive technology needs. All desks can be raised and lowered, and available software includes screen readers, magnifiers, and speech recognition. Our small class sizes in all locations results in high quality one-on-one instruction. Virtual students use video conferencing technology to join our Wichita classroom. Our instructor is also able to remotely access all students’ screens to show them how to perform certain functions and answer specific questions.

Our Partners

We work with Kansas school districts, Department for Children and Families, Workforce Alliance, and other partners to bring all our classes together and make our program possible.

For more information, contact the SACT Admissions Coordinator at (316) 651-5232.

New classes starting! Check out SACT Resources & Forms below to learn more.





  • How long are SACT courses?
    Adult classes vary from one to four weeks depending on the program you choose.
  • How often do new classes begin?
    Since we offer several programs, classes begin continually.  Contact us to learn more.
  • Do you have night classes?
    No, at this time we do not have classes in the evening or on weekends.
  • How do I qualify for this school?
    The SACT serves individuals with medical conditions that impede employment including physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or mental health issues. Candidates must be unemployed or underemployed and highly motivated to seek employment upon graduation.
  • Will I need to provide you with any documentation? If so, what?

    Required documentation varies from one program to another. More often than not, minimal documentation is required. For example, if you currently have an open case with Kansas Department of Children and Families Vocational Rehabilitation, and your counselor refers you to one of our classes, no supporting documentation for your disability is required. For most of our programs, a disability is generally defined as a medical condition that is an obstacle to employment such as a physical disability, a learning disability and/or a mental health issue.

    Contact us for additional information about requirements for specific programs.

  • Is there tuition assistance?
    Yes, we have tuition assistance. If you have a medical condition that impedes employment, including a physical disability, a learning disability, and/or mental health issue, you could qualify for a scholarship. If you are a displaced worker without a disability then you could qualify for tuition assistance from Workforce Development funds. Be sure to ask about tuition assistance when you contact us below so we can help.
  • What will I learn in SACT classes?
    At a minimum, we hope your SACT experience will give you the following:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Basics
    • Microsoft Office 2019 Word, Excel, Outlook Basics
    • Keyboarding
    • Data entry
    • Writing business letters
    • Customer service skills
  • Who can I call for more information?
    Call the SACT Admissions coordinator at (316) 651-5232.

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