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Daniel M. Carney Chairman Awards

Financial awards for medical equipment and assistive technology

2024 Application Deadline EXTENDED: Tuesday, June 4th

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About the Award

In honor of Daniel M. Carney’s 50-year service as CPRF Board Chairman, the Daniel J. Taylor Family Charitable Foundation established this $500,000 endowed gift. The Chairman Awards will provide funding of up to $1,000 for medical equipment and assistive technology for up to 20 Kansans each year.

Many people find themselves being forced to pay out-of-pocket for the items they need. These items, such as communication devices, ramps, and wheelchair customizations, help people participate in school, gain employment, and be more independent at home. Their necessity for a healthier, happier life is undisputed, but it is also financially unattainable for most.

Through this award, we look forward to providing more resources for those we serve.

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