Exercise & Wellness – Accessible Fitness

Client is smiling at camera while he uses hand cycle.

Personalized & Accessible Fitness

The CPRF Exercise & Wellness Program promotes physical fitness for people of all abilities through a regime of strength training, building flexibility, and pain-controlling exercises. Using versatile and accessible fitness equipment, our Certified Restorative Aide works individually with clients in a private gym setting located on the Timbers apartment campus. All exercise programs are written for each client by an Occupational or Physical Therapist.




Eligibility Requirements:
Clients must have a documented disability and be under a doctor’s (MD/PA/APRN/DO) care who is willing to sign off on OT/PT recommendations. An income sliding fee scale may apply.

Our Equipment

Our equipment & activities include:
-Parallel bars, walkers, and standing frame
-Elliptical and Cardio Strider (seated elliptical)
-Paragym (wheelchair-accessible weight machine)
-Fine motor training
-Stationary bikes, hand cycles, free weights, and more!


Funded in part by:

Sedgwick County is a CPRF funding partner.United Way is a CPRF funding partner.



Dial 2-1-1 on your phone to speak to a trained specialist who can help you find resources such disability services,  food assistance, and much more throughout the state of Kansas. Calls are toll free and answered 24/7.