Exercise & Wellness – Accessible Fitness

CPRF is taking extra precaution during this time to ensure the health and safety of our staff and those we serve. Clients and staff who visit the facility will be asked a series of screening questions and have their temperature upon arrival. Please wear a face mask when visiting any CPRF building. Staff members are also screened, including temperature readings, upon arriving to work. Staff members will be wearing masks when attending to clients. Any equipment that a client or guest comes in contact with – including tools and seating surfaces – will go through a disinfection process. Clients, visitors, and staff are expected to maintain social distance, as they are able. We thank you for accommodating these added measures.



Client is smiling at camera while he uses hand cycle.

Personalized & Accessible Fitness

The CPRF Exercise & Wellness Program promotes physical fitness for people of all abilities through a regime of strength training, building flexibility, and pain-controlling exercises. Using versatile and accessible fitness equipment, our Certified Restorative Aide works individually with clients in a private gym setting located on the Timbers apartment campus. All exercise programs are written for each client by an Occupational or Physical Therapist.


Eligibility Requirements:
Clients must have a documented disability and be under a doctor’s (MD/PA/APRN/DO) care who is willing to sign off on OT/PT recommendations. An income sliding fee scale may apply.

Our Equipment

Our equipment & activities include:
-Parallel bars, walkers, and standing frame
-Elliptical and Cardio Strider (seated elliptical)
-Paragym (wheelchair-accessible weight machine)
-Fine motor training
-Stationary bikes, hand cycles, free weights, and more!


Funded in part by:

Sedgwick County is a CPRF funding partner.United Way is a CPRF funding partner.



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