Adult Day Services

COVID-19 Program Policy:
If local community transmission in Sedgwick County is low, then optional mask wearing for staff and clients will be offered in Adult Day Services. If the local community transmission changes to medium or high, masks for staff and clients will be reinstated. The program director is checking the Sedgwick County Health Department’s website to monitor daily community transmission level.


Terry, Adult Day Services client, is seated in his red power chair, looking towards the camera smiling.The CPRF Adult Day Services program provides personal care, educational activities, community outreach, and recreation for adults who receive I/DD waiver services. In Adult Day, we have two programs: the Kenneth J. Wagnon Life Skills Program and the K.T. Wiedemann Adult Learning Center.

Clients in both programs have access to music therapy by Wichita State University School of Music graduate students and our Sensory Room, where clients can privately enjoy soothing music, aroma therapy, fiber-optic rope lights, a weighted blanket, and more. Our activities for both programs aren’t limited to the indoors – we also have an adjustable basketball goal, a wheelchair swing, and a full garden for everyone to enjoy and get some fresh air.

We do not have a sheltered workshop or supported employment program.




Kenneth J. Wagnon Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is for adults who have a disability that requires more personal care. Our aides and staff have reading, crafts, and other daily activities for clients to ensure their daily time at our program is enriching and well-rounded.


K.T. Wiedemann Adult Learning Center

The Learning Center offers educational opportunities, cooking lessons, recreational learning opportunities, and more. Clients also benefit from exercise and physical maintenance programs, as prescribed by their physician, as well as personal care and support.

Our facility is fully accessible for those with assistive mobility devices.

For more information about our services, contact Irene Maina, Director of Adult Day Services, at

Dial 2-1-1 on your phone to speak to a trained specialist who can help you find resources such disability services,  food assistance, and much more throughout the state of Kansas. Calls are toll free and answered 24/7.


  • Must I have cerebral palsy to attend Adult Day Services?
    No. Our program is open to people with many types of disabilities.
  • How much does it cost to attend Adult Day Services?
    The Home and Community Based Services waiver (I/DD) generally funds individuals eligible for services. To find out if you are eligible, contact the Sedgwick County Community Developmental Disability Organization.
  • Is transportation provided?
    Transportation to and from our facility is an individual responsibility; however, if a family member or residential provider cannot give transportation, Wichita Transit may be an option to consider. Clients who live at home are eligible to apply for a transportation scholarship through CPRF, which may allow for a reduced or free rate on Wichita Metro Transit Authority fees. Read more here. Adult Day Services does provide transportation to and from program community outings.
  • Are meals provided?
    No. Although staff members are prepared to help customers in reheating, grinding and eating, meals are an individual responsibility. Adult Day clients bring their lunch from home to ensure they enjoy personal preferences and meet individual dietary and nutritional needs.
  • I would like CPRF to be my day services provider. How do I get started?
    Please view this checklist to find out where you are in the admissions process.