2021 Jack Jonas Spirit Award Winners

Jack Jonas, CPRF Founder, dedicated his life’s work to serving and advocating for an underrepresented population,
creating an organization based around the principle that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities,
has the right to an education, a career, and independence.
In honor of Jack’s legacy and spirit, CPRF established the Jack Jonas Spirit Award to recognize three employees
each year who have shown dedication to the CPRF mission and who truly have a heart for those we serve.
The award winners receive a commemorative plaque and a check for $1,000 each.
All CPRF, CIC, and BTCO employees are eligible for the award.



CPRF Winner: Amy Franklin | Director of Case Management

Group photo from left to right: Clarissa Jeter, Vice President of Community Support Services, Patrick T. Jonas, CPRF President and CEO, Amy Franklin, Director of Case Management, and Kacee Shuler, Director of Community Relations. Amy is holding a black award plaque and check.
Amy Franklin goes above and beyond her call of duty as Director of Case Management. Amy’s dedication to the safety and wellbeing of those we serve is evident in all she does. She embodies the CPRF mission of providing people with the customized services and supports they need in order to achieve their goals and lead the lives they want to lead. In addition to her commitment to our clients, Amy is a joy to work with for everyone here at CPRF. We are proud to have her on the team, and we are honored to present her with the Jack Jonas Spirit Award.


BTCO, Inc. Winner: Andrew Keefer | Document Specialist

Group photo from left to right: Rich Stinnett, President of BTCO Inc., Andrew Keefer, Document Specialist, John Carlon, Site Supervisor, and Patrick T. Jonas, CPRF President and CEO. Andrew is holding a black award plaque and check.

Andrew exceeds expectations in each task he is assigned and is always willing to work wherever he is needed without complaint, displaying a dedication to contributing to the success of the team. Andrew also streamlined and implemented the use of the warehouse inventory management system, proactively learning it on his own and executing its use to track boxes throughout the storage area. With his computer skills and quick adaptation to new processes, Andrew has been an invaluable part of the BTCO team. He has been a supportive, helpful, hard-working crew member.


Center Industries Corporation Winner: Charlotte Stroupe | Lunch Attendant

Group photo from left to right: Patrick T. Jonas, CPRF President and CEO, Charlotte Stroupe, Lunch Attendant, Joey Jackson, CIC President, and Peter Jonas, Vice President of Sales. Charlotte is holding a black award plaque and check.

Charlotte cares very much about the employees of CIC, and it shows every day. She creates themed meals during holidays, spends time at home making candy goodie bags during Halloween and Christmas, and decorates the lunch room to bring the spirit of the season into employees’ lives. When she talks, you can tell how much she cares about everyone. Charlotte’s level of empathy is unmatched – she shows excitement for new hires, celebrates positive changes in people’s mental health, helps people through rough patches, and overall cares about the CIC mission. She sees all of these things because she cares enough to ask and talk to people. If Charlotte notices that someone is depressed or seems unwell, she brings it to HR’s attention so they can aid in any way possible. She’s quirky, fun, and makes the events we have more enjoyable with her infectious positive energy. I can always count on Charlotte to get dressed up and be silly whenever we are having an event, and she pitches in however she can because she wants to help make it a success.