Job Placement

There is more to disability employment than just the social rate of return: it’s about giving people the opportunity to prove themselves and to gain independence.

The CPRF Job Placement Department guides people with all types of disabilities (and others with vocational barriers) to the right position –offering job readiness, work experiences, placement, retention services, and more.


  • CPRF Youth Transition Program

    A no cost program funding by Workforce WIOA-approved partnership.

    • 16-24 years old
    • Currently completing / earned high school diploma or GED, but still need assistance with education and employment goals.
    • Resident of Sedgwick, Butler, Sumner, Kingman, Harper, or Cowley County.
    • Employment barriers such as a documented disability, need for basic skill development, in foster care/aged out, low income, or pregnant/parenting.

    Program Q&A

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    Ryan's Job Journey | dnata

  • Ticket To Work Program

    A no cost program funded by Social Security Ticket to Work Program.

    • 18-64 years of age
    • SSI or SSDI recipients

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  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program

    A no cost program for adults with disabilities.

    • Must have a physical or mental impairment or disability
    • Your disability must result in substantial impediment to employment
    • You must require VR services to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment.

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    MacKenzie's Job Journey | Center Industries Corporation

Our Team

  • Our staff’s diverse career backgrounds allows us to develop an extensive network of employer partnerships. We leverage our experience, expertise, and connections to assist our clients in finding employment and becoming independent.


  • Career Counseling

    • Identifying vocational goals
    • Referral to funding resources and training programs

    Job Readiness

    • Resume development
    • Mock interviews
    • Job searching skills (i.e. how to maximize internet searches & developing cover letters)

    Job Placement

    • General guidance and direction
    • Job leads with companies throughout Wichita
    • Follow-along services for job retention

  • Affiliate Organizations

    In addition to many Wichita-area employers who use our team to find qualified candidates, CPRF’s own affiliate organizations –BTCO, Inc. & Center Industries Corporation, also recruit from the Job Placement pool of candidates.

Job Placement Resources & Forms