Volunteer Spotlight: Jehramy Heckman

Volunteer Jehramy Heckman playing disc golf at Timbers Fest.

Jehramy Heckman has been a tried-and-true volunteer for all things CPRF for more than a decade. You can usually spot Jehramy surrounded by party-goers at our annual Timbers Fest, where he volunteers at the disc golf station, or at our Milk & Cookies with Santa event, where he helps us make Christmas come alive for our young clients. Jehramy is always willing to lend a hand in any way possible, and we are so grateful for all he does for us and for those we serve. Jehramy shared with us what volunteering at CPRF means to him:

Q: What was the first event you volunteered for at CPRF?
Jehramy: The first event I volunteered for at CPRF I believe is Fall Fest 2006. The theme was Casino Night and I was a blackjack dealer. I still help every year and now have brought disc golf to the Fall Fest activities.

Q: What is your favorite event to volunteer for, and why?
Jehramy: My favorite event to volunteer at is Milk and Cookies with Santa. I really enjoy watching the kids meet Santa and go on the horse carriage rides. It is a lasting memory to see their faces overwhelmed with joy when they get to drive the horses.

Q: What do you feel like people should know about volunteering for non-profit organizations like CPRF?
Jehramy: It is very fulfilling being a volunteer. I have volunteered for many events at CPRF and recently at The Challenge Games and have noticed that nonprofits are always in the need for a wide variety of skill sets from volunteers to help make their organizations run smoothly.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about volunteering, why CPRF?
Jehramy: I really enjoy volunteering for CPRF because of what they do for the community. My mom has been with CPRF for 25 years which makes it feel like a family that I have grown with. It is really great to see everyone at the events and how they have grown throughout the years.