Job Placement

Girl is smiling at camera in her pink powerchair.The CPRF Job Placement Department guides people with vocational barriers to the right position. With career counseling, resume development, mock interviews, and general guidance and direction, we work with people to ensure they find a job that suits their goals and abilities.

End-Dependence Kansas (EDK)

The End-Dependence Kansas (EDK) program is an initiative focusing on youth with disabilities that are transitioning from high school to the workforce. For more information, visit the resources tab below.

Affiliate Organizations

CPRF affiliate organizations, Center Industries Corporation and BTCO, Inc., often use our Job Placement Department to recruit their candidates.


Maintaining Your Benefits

For information on finding employment while maintaining your SSI/SSDI benefits, visit the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work website.



Click here to learn about Ticket To Work.


Job Placement Resources