Case Management

CPRF is taking extra precaution during this time to ensure the health and safety of our staff and those we serve. Visitors to any CPRF building will be asked a series of screening questions and have their temperature taken before being escorted by a staff member to their designated meeting room. Please wear a face mask when visiting any CPRF building. Staff members are also screened, including temperature readings, upon arriving to work. Staff members will be wearing masks when meeting with clients. All meeting spaces are thoroughly sanitized after each use. Visitors and staff are expected to maintain social distance, as they are able. We thank you for accommodating these added measures.



Matt, Case Management client with his mom, smiling at the camera outdoors.


Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) team coordinates services for individuals with disabilities who receive the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) waiver in achieving and maintaining their preferred lifestyle by helping clients understand their rights and responsibilities. Our case managers work hard to assist those we serve in locating/accessing services, funding sources, and community resources.

CPRF is dedicated to assisting all the individuals that we serve access opportunities for employment, employment training, and community resources to help them reach their personal employment goals.

  • Support Plans address community employment and include goals that help individuals reach their full working potential.
  • TCMs assist with locating options for employment, training, as well as community resources to help build the skills and confidence needed to work in the community.
  • TCMs have the ability to connect clients who want to work with resources available through CPRF, and through our local Vocational Rehabilitation ( VR) office. VR works directly with CPRF’s Job Placement Department to help those with disabilities become gainfully employed.

For more information, contact Christina Wakeman, Director of Case Management, at


  • How do I get case management services?
    Case management services are accessed through the Community Developmental Disability Organization. The Sedgwick County CDDO can be contacted through their website or you can call them at (316) 660-7630.
  • Who is served by Case Management Services?
    We serve people over the age of 14 who receive I/DD waiver services in Sedgwick County.
  • What is a Support Plan?
    A Support Plan, also known as a Person-Centered Support Plan (PCSP), is a document developed by the entire team who supports a person with disabilities. The planning team can include the person themself, direct care staff, a case manager, counselors, family members, and other professionals. The plan typically outlines goals and needs, and includes actionable items that are designed to help a person to live as independently and fully as possible. Any person who receives I/DD services is required by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability to have a PCSP.
  • Can I have case management even if I am on the waiting list for services?
    Yes. Case management is an entitlement service for anyone qualifying for the I/DD waiver. There is no waiting list for case management services.
  • How often will I see my case manager?
    It depends on your needs. Case managers will be in contact with you on a regular basis and be there to provide assistance whenever you need it.
  • How many other people does my case manager serve?
    CPRF prefers that our case managers serve fewer than 30 people.