UCP Assistive Technology and Community Service – David’s Story

David is a 30 year old man with Cerebral Palsy. He first began receiving help from UCP at the age of 10. Over the years UCP has assisted David in acquiring different types of equipment including
even an accessible van. David has been followed in the seating clinic since it’s inception and has received financial aid toward wheelchairs and wheelchair modifications for many years. UCP’s staff also assisted David with accessing and learning to operate computers when he was just a youngster.

Two years ago CPRF hired David as the administrative manager at the Carney Center. His responsibilities include scheduling clients, inputting data, welcoming clients, and answering numerous questions over the phone. Probably one of his greatest assets for the job is his understanding of the needs associated with being in a wheelchair on a full time basis.

David is also fluent in Spanish; his ability to interpret has proven to be extremely valuable both in scheduling and in assisting the therapists and technicians while evaluating and fitting seating systems. He is married, living independently and (as of this writing) has a four month old son. He’s also a fair share giver to United Way!