Taylor’s Story

Exercise & Wellness client smiling while using parallel bars.Taylor is a 29 year old resident at The Timbers and has been in the Exercise and Wellness Program for almost 4 years. Her advice to anyone using the program is to “keep trying and don’t give up.” She enjoys working with Miriam, CPRF’s Certified Restorative Aide, “Miriam is awesome!”

Taylor’s grandmother has noticed how the program has impacted Taylor’s quality of life:

“She has made such excellent progress with Miriam by focusing on balance, strength and posture by using the machines. She talks most about the recumbent bicycle. Taylor has exceeded our expectations by overcoming some of her C.P. limitations. Mainly balance, walking, stair climbing and gaining strength.

It is important to keep moving. From the time Taylor was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, she has never stopped trying to do what other kids were able to do. Not until she moved to the Timbers and started in the Exercise and Wellness Program has she been able to make such great strides in achieving her goals. Miriam is a great motivator and mentor for Taylor. I would encourage even the most disabled to at least try. Making even one movement that you couldn’t do yesterday is a huge accomplishment. Just keep trying, just keep moving and think positively.”