Phillip’s Story

Phillip Nickell is a 13 year old boy with Transverse Myelitis.  This is a condition that does not allow him to use his arms or legs in any functional way.  Phillip will be essentially paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life.  Phillip is an active young man and attends middle school full time.  Phillip and his family came to the Carney Center for a powered wheelchair evaluation.  The Carney Center PT with the DME provider found that Phillip could drive a powered wheelchair using a head array.  A head array is special headrest that has three proximity switches mounted in it.  By just moving his head, Phillip can drive his wheelchair and use the powered seat options which will help Phillip to adjust his pressure on his pelvis.

This wheelchair is very complex and not easily understood by Phillip’s third party insurances. The Carney Center therapist was able to help identify each reason why Phillip needed the wheelchair and how it could impact his life at school and at home. The powered wheelchair was delivered to Phillip and his family on 6-20-14. The appointment took two hours and centered on advanced programming and teaching Phillip and his family how to use and be safe in the wheelchair.

Funding from United Cerebral Palsy of Kansas made access to the wheelchair for Phillip possible.