Made for the Country – Peggy’s Story

Peggy on an all terrain scooter tending to her horses.
“Since we live out in the country she’s able to get around and do things she hasn’t been able to do before. Normal wheelchairs or scooters aren’t made for the country…it’s her little Harley, it does almost everything a four wheeler would do…it’s light enough that she can move the batteries and she can take care of it. She’s more self-sufficient, she’s about to get out and do stuff she wasn’t able to do. This spring we’ll be able to go camping…we won’t have to rely on crutches or anything on the rough terrain. Besides physically helping her get around it helps her get out of the house to where she’s not depending on everybody. She has control.”

Peggy has spinocerebellar degenerative ataxia, and uses an all-terrain scooter and scooter lift to enjoy the outdoors and live with more independence.

Peggy’s scooter and scooter lift were made possible through assistive technology funding.