Michael’s Story

Client using wheelchair accessible weight lifting machine.Michael is 26 years old and has been attending the Exercise & Wellness Program for 6-7 months, since he moved into The Timbers accessible apartment community. He tries to stick to a routine of spending 5 afternoons per week at the clinic. Michael mostly enjoys upper arm work outs, and uses a stander for 30 minutes while he practices writing. Michael has a spinal cord injury and spends most of his time in a wheelchair or seated position, so having the opportunity to use the stander and be upright has been very helpful. His goal is to maintain as much strength as possible, while increasing his strength and endurance. Michael expressed that it has been good for his mental and physical health to have a resource like the Exercise & Wellness Program on campus:

“It’s something that’s life changing; it’s going to change your whole perspective instead of just sitting in the house. Getting the body moving, it just makes you feel better. No matter what it may be… any bit of movement makes a big difference for the body as far as stress. It’s a very good program; Miriam does a wonderful job…she gives you just the right push.”