David’s Story

Adult Day Services client singing karaoke.

David has attended Adult Day Services at CPRF for 5 years. David is non-verbal, but he never misses an opportunity to sing karaoke, and through his gestures and big smiles, he lets you know what he wants to say.

His mother shared with us how the program has impacted both of their lives:

“It is important for everyone disabled or not to have something that provides a life outside of home. My son has made great friends at CPRF and enjoys the program offered. It gives his life purpose and provides a safe place for my son to grow and be productive.

The staff at CPRF always let’s me know how my son is doing and are continuously finding ways to improve his care. David enjoys all outings and the friends he has made along with the staff. David requires adults to make safe choices in his life. I am unable to take my son out daily as I have other responsibilities without adult day care David would be at home just wasting away from boredom.

It is important for my son to be part of his community. He loves people and helping others. CPRF provides a safe environment for my son while enhancing his life.”