Adam and Andrea’s Story

Equipment Fund clients sitting outside of accessible van with their service dogs.Andrea and Adam are siblings from Wichita. CPRF’s Equipment Fund provided financial assistance that went towards an accessible van. Their dad shared with us what it means for them to have accessible transportation as a family:

“For us as parents having this adaptive equipment is a necessity. With two children in wheelchairs our hope, our desire, our challenge as parents is to make their lives as normal as we possibly can. They can no longer transfer from their wheelchair, to a passenger seat in a vehicle, so our only option is to buy a vehicle that can lift them up in their wheelchairs, and get them safely secured in a vehicle. We feel so blessed as parents to be able to do this.

There is much emphasis, even on the federal level, as to the cost of medical needs, including such things as prescription medicine, medical equipment, hospital cost, and even long term care facilities. These things are extremely expensive, and the help that we received from CPRF, and those organizations that help them secure their funds to help people with those expensive costs, are very appreciated by our family.”