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A client and case manager review a HUD document.

What can a HUD service coordinator do for you?

Much like a case manager, a U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) service coordinator work on behalf of individual clients by assisting with government forms and program opportunities.

A HUD service coordinator will help with:

  • The annual Medicaid re-application.
  • The HUD subsidy
  • Enrollment in the Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program, to get help with utility bills.
  • Social Security Disability Assessments
  • As well as other forms necessary for assistance, such as Project Deserve.

The CPRF Timbers HUD service coordinator will also:

  • Refer new applicants to the director of admissions for an application.
  • Meet with new residents to provide helpful phone numbers and get emergency information.
  • Distribute commodities.
  • Establish plans with residents to reach personal goals.
  • Coordinate with the Independent Living Resource Center counselor to solve problems related to implementing planned health care.
  • Help schedule counseling or therapy, if needed; and, if requested, accompany the resident for the first visit.
  • Accompany residents, if requested, to any court appearance when a resident is involved with either the criminal or civil judicial system.
  • Accompany residents to the hospital under certain circumstances.
  • Provide monthly training sessions for the residents on topics that enhance the quality of life at the Timbers.
  • Provide staff support for the Timbers Human Service Council.
  • Assist residents in linking with local agencies for service and/or vocational needs.
  • Be an advocate for Timber residents.
  • Assist the residents in registering to vote.